About Us

Allegro Logistics was established in July 2002 by Tim Adams to provide logistical services to the mining and exploration industry.

As a result of its success, clients requested the company to supply field staff and in time Allegro Employment Services was established in February 2005.

The Allegro Consulting has vast experience in mining & exploration and is well known for establishing long standing relationships. The company has a reputation for providing a quality service while achieving outstanding results for clients.

You’ll find we operate by these values:


Treating people fairly

We treat all people we come in contact with respectfully, courteously, and in a personal and
hands-on manner



We work with all people in a personal manner, making informed decisions through commitment and hard work


Personal responsibility

We believe in taking personal responsibility for ourselves in this business, with our family and for the success of those around us


Be true to yourself

We learn from our actions, act upon our convictions, and strive to enjoy all that we do