Mining Consulting

Complex requirement in mining requires diverse expertise. Working together, your team of technical specialists and managers will be complimented by our mining consulting team. Each mining operation has its own unique set of circumstances, which will benefit from the broad external perspective of our expert consultants.

Our extensive experience can help to mitigate any issues arising from your particular operational constraints and challenges.

Together we can discuss what role would be valuable for us to play in your planning process. You might want to outsource to us, or ask us for advice on specific decisions on an ad hoc basis. We’re committed to ensuring we deliver value for your business, and we’re happy to assist in a flexible manner through our mining consulting expertise.

Our mining consulting core capabilities include

  • Workforce planning
  • Talent management
  • Performance management
  • Strategic HR planning

We can also assist with:

  • OHSE policies and procedures
  • Asset management
  • Cultural resource management

We are always thinking ahead to help you achieve your goals. We provide consulting services along the entire exploration and mining process timeline from the IPO, exploration and discovery stages right through to feasibility, mine construction and mining.

At Allegro, we understand the need for ethical values and conduct our business operations in a professional and ethical way.

We’ve kept this website simple because we don’t want to waste your time with a bunch of information that’s not relevant for you. Really, we want to talk with you, and we can only help you if you call us. Call us today on 08 9433 4066.