Mining Employment – Labour Hire

We offer the flexibility of a contingent workforce to suit your operational mining labour hire requirements as and when needed. We’ll meet your needs across the entire range of mining roles, in both operational and support.

The industry background of all our consultants provides deep understanding of on-the ground requirements. Having worked in your world, we understand the type of person you need working in your operation. We also grasp your bigger picture operational objectives and the kinds of challenges faced by an operating mine.

The long term partnerships our group of companies develops with clients means we source candidates aligned well with your specific strategy and culture.

Working closely with our consulting and logistics businesses you’ll have access to a broad range of expertise and services in one place.


You’ll find we operate by these values:

Treating people fairly

We treat all people we come in contact with respectfully, courteously, and in a personal and hands-on manner


We work with all people in a personal manner, making informed decisions through commitment and hard work

Personal responsibility

We believe in taking personal responsibility for ourselves in this business, with our family and for the success of those around us

Be true to yourself

We learn from our actions, act upon our convictions, and strive to enjoy all that we do


We’ve kept this website simple because we don’t want to waste your time with a bunch of information that’s not relevant for you. Really, we want to talk with you, and we can only help you if you call us. Call us today on 08 9433 4066.